Feel Safe in the Cloud

User security is paramount. We are very concerned with the security of our users and hope to answer some of your questions in the FAQ below.

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Does Otixo Store any of your files or file information?

Otixo does not permanently store your files. When you upload or move a file or folder across services, the Otixo database caches the file or folder until the process is complete. After the transfer of information is complete, the file or folder is removed from the Otixo database.

The comments made in your Spaces and the metadata for each connected cloud service are stored in the Otixo database.

Does Otixo keep any of your information?

Other than encrypted passwords, we only store the information you use to register with Otixo – your first name, last name, and email address.

No billing-related information is stored in our database, but instead on a subscription billing system (Recurly.com) which acts as an intermediary to our merchant account.

Your Otixo Password

You are responsible for choosing your password and it is tied directly to your encryption keychain. We encrypt the password before it is stored in the Otixo database. You are the only person who can reset your password and it cannot be revealed or used by anyone in the Otixo organization.

Please follow our recommendations to enter a strong password:
-Contains both lowercase and uppercase letters
-Contains at least one numerical character
-Contains special characters
-Has more than 12 characters

Does Otixo limit the number of clouds I can add?

No. Otixo encourages all users to add as many clouds as desired and, where available, gives the ability to add multiple accounts from the same service.

Passwords Used In Otixo

We use the OAuth authorization protocol when connecting to Google Docs, Dropbox, Box, Picasa, and OneDrive. OAuth is an industry-standard protocol which allows us to connect to these services without knowing, storing, or having access to your login credentials.

For all cloud services that do not support oAuth, you can decide whether Otixo stores your passwords for persistent access to these services, or prompts you to reenter your passwords upon login. All passwords are encrypted before they are stored in the Otixo database. No Otixo Team Member has access to them, and they can only be changed or accessed by you.

What kind of encryption does Otixo use?

Otixo encrypts files using a mix of end-to-end and server side encryption. More information about our encryption feature is located here.

Can I share encrypted files with Otixo?

Yes. Sharing encrypted files is often a big challenge because, usually, you need to share a secret key with the person you’re sharing with. This is often done over the phone, by email or in a chat.

With Otixo, there is no longer a need to share that key. Instead, access is restricted via email invitation to a Space. Never worry about exchanging keys again!

Third-party Apps

Otixo uses Recurly.com as an intermediary to our merchant account. No billing-related information is stored in the Otixo database, but instead with Recurly.

Otixo also uses Google Viewer to let you preview your files.

Privacy & Terms of Use

Otixo strives to keep your accounts and information as private as possible. Please review both our Privacy Policy and our Terms of Use Agreement for more information about our service.