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Bij de ene dienst lijk je nog meer opslagruimte te krijgen dan bij de ander. Voor je het weet, heb je hierdoor bij diverse diensten een account. Het nadeel hiervan is dat je wel snel het overzicht kwijtraakt. Gelukkig is er Otixo. Hiermee krijg je inzicht in al je cloudopslagdiensten.


(…) one of the app’s highlights stems from the fact that it brings together all your cloud services in a very functional and user-friendly environment. (…) you get your own personal team space, you can create shared team spaces and work with colleagues on projects, chat with your team members, and get an overview of all your activities.


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Otixo ist der einfachste Weg, um alle Dateien cloudübergreifend im Blick zu behalten. Sie können mit der Weboberfläche Dokumente organisieren, verschieben, verschlüsseln und aus einer zentralen Oberfläche heraus beliebig teilen. Ganz einfach per Drag and Drop.

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You can browse through the files and folders of each service and perform the usual folder- and file-management tasks, including copying, renaming and deleting. You can also copy and move files between cloud services. The main attraction of Otixo is the way it lets you easily share files from several cloud services using the Spaces feature. Once you get used to its viewing features, they work fine as well.


Otixo unterstützt über ein Dutzend verschiedene Cloud-Speicherdienste. Dateien oder ganze Ordner lassen sich mit festgehaltener Maustaste von einem Dienst in einen anderen kopieren. Das ist besonders dann praktisch, wenn der Speicherplatz bei ­einem Clouddienst zur Neige geht und man ­Daten an einem anderen Ort archivieren muss.

Die Desktop-App integriert sich schnell in die tägliche Arbeit. Die Bedienung ist intuitiv und läuft unter Windows sehr schnell. Die mobilen Apps sind eine zentrale Anlaufstelle, um auch unterwegs an Dateien in verschiedenen Cloud-Speichern zu gelangen. Insgesamt hat uns Otixo überzeugt. Es stellt ein gutes Werkzeug dar, um verschiedenen Speichern in der Cloud Herr zu werden.
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Es un centralizador de servicios de almacenamiento en la nube que permite iniciar la sesión en hasta 35 servicios diferentes de almacenamiento en la nube, desde Drive y Dropbox hasta Onedrive, Flickr o Amazon Drive. Puedes acceder a Otixo mediante su versión web o a través de las versiones oficiales de Windows, Mac, iOS y Android. El intercambio en Otixo se realiza de forma segura y cifrada para evitar los ataques de piratas informáticos y hackers.

In een ideale wereld heb je al je clouddiensten tot in de puntjes georganiseerd. In de werkelijkheid is het waarschijnlijk een puinzooi. Met Otixo kun je heel eenvoudig orde in de chaos scheppen door bestanden tussen de verschillende diensten te verslepen. Zo kun je bijvoorbeeld besluiten om een dienst te gebruiken voor je afbeeldingen, de andere voor documenten, weer een andere voor video’s enzovoort.
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File security and file encryption will always be a big thing, and Otixo is working hard to ensure that your files are always protected, secured and encrypted, and not just for those files that you use on Dropbox, but also services like Box, Amazon cloud, Evernote, Flickr, Google Drive and countless others.

… thank Otixo for providing an Android and iOS mobile app for accessing the files in the cloud. You can download both apps from Google Play and the Apple Store for free. The mobile app also lets you encrypt your files before uploading them to the respective cloud storage. The files can then be decrypted using the web app, or upon download from the mobile app.

Otixo is a great choice for file management and sharing alike, with some strong security features and a free plan that’s well worth investigating. A simple interface lets you drag and drop files easily between providers, file sharing is available via Otixo Workspaces, and you can choose to protect your files and folders with a private, 256-bit AES encryption key if you’re concerned about keeping your data safe.
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Otixo permette di accedere ai file di cloud di ogni tipo dal browser, da lì si potranno spostare i file tra servizi storage diversi, ma sarà possibile anche crittografarli o addirittura crittografare l’intera cloud (AES256). Otixo però va oltre e propone una piattaforma di condivisione degli spazi per lavorare sui file crittografati con i colleghi per esempio, e ancora l’accesso al cloud localmente utilizzando WebDAV.

Der Clou an Otixo sind allerdings die Spaces – virtuelle Verzeichnisse, die beliebige Dokumente aus allen verbundenen Diensten aufnehmen. Dabei verbleibt die Datei an ihrem Speicherort, während die Spaces einen Link enthalten, über den sie sich direkt ansprechen lässt.
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Otixo is an aggregator that lets you see and search the files stored in many cloud services in one place, and move files between providers easily. It’s a neat trick, and can be a big help if you have files scattered across many services.

There’s no shortage of cloud storage services available on the internet. If you’re one of those users who have accounts on multiple cloud storage services, and looking for a simple way to manage all of them from a single dashboard rather than separate apps, take a look at Otixo for Windows Phone. The app lets you connect multiple cloud storage services, and manage them from a single dashboard on your Windows Phone handset.

The beauty of Otixo is how everything is kept safe through a single login. Much like LastPass (or similar services) for general accounts and security information, Otixo allows users to add multiple services to a single account. Users can also search across all services with a single entry, which saves literally hours of crawling through login credentials and multiple interfaces.
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If you have been looking at other cloud storage manager lists you have probably seen Otixo listed on most of them. They also have a very nice web interface to manage your files and collaborate no matter what cloud service they are using.
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Think of Otixo as a file manager for all of your cloud services and even your social networking accounts. One of the best features of this great service is the ability to quickly copy and paste between services. With this handy web-based tool, you can access all of your configured cloud services with a single password.

Once added, Otixo allows you to easily move files among the services via its drag-and-drop interface or search for files across all connected services. For paid users, Otixo supports the capability to access files using its WebDAV interface, while its Spaces feature makes it possible to collaborate with team members without having to move files across different cloud storage services.

Otixo links up with each service and makes it easy to organize and view all your files across various platforms. You can even transfer files directly between services. If you’re like me and wish you could combine all those free buckets together into one, you should check out a new service at Otixo.com that lets you manage multiple cloud services with just one login.

This brief tutorial shows you how to map your cloud services in Ubuntu 11.10 (Oneiric Ocelot) with OTIXO. When these cloud services are mounted in Ubuntu, they will appear as if they are locally attached mount points that you can interact with. This allows you to create, modify and delete folders stored in the cloud from your desktop.

Otixo is an online file manager for multiple storage clouds and networking sites. You can access a whole host of online storage services and social networking sites like Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, 4shared, Adrive, Facebook, etc. Otixo Lets you access multiple Google Drives, and that is why we are featuring it.

Just right-click on a file to share, launch, copy/paste, download, and more. For serious cloud users, this is a real time-saver.

Otixo targets desk jockeys: The subscription service aggregates a user’s cloud accounts within a single, user-friendly Web interface, simplifying file management and adding collaboration tools.
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It’s handy, it does what it says it will do and it’s gaining services at a respectable pace. For that, Otixo has made me a fan.
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Copying a file or folder between services is as easy as drag-and-drop.
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But everything has had a silver lining since we signed up for Otixo. By syncing cloud services like Google Docs, Dropbox and MobileMe there, you can easily search and find any file you’ve uploaded from one central location.
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Una aplicación web que nos puede resultar bastante útil si tenemos varias cuentas en los servicios mencionados y queremos pasar cosas de uno a otro, ahorrándonos el proceso de tener que bajarlos para luego subirlos otra vez.
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Otixo receives number 1 ranking by CloudSider for single-login cloud services. Otixo is a greatsolution for anyone in search of a cloud management tool.
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Otixo — единая платформа для управления файлами, расположенными на различных облачных хранилищах. Она позволяет перемещать файлы между всеми хранилищами, а также скачивать их, загружать, удалять и переименовывать.
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This app gives you a variety of functions to perform, from moving files from one cloud to another (all without transferring to your device); searching all your clouds in one easy step; opening files in apps like Keynotes, Pages, Twitter, Camera Roll, and more.

Otixo is a web service that syncs your files on different clouds and FTP servers and lets you access them from a single account. The service lets you move files between all supported services, upload new files, download files, delete and rename existing files and folders and create new folders.

Otixo’s file explorer acts similarly to a normal desktop file explorer. You can go inside a folder, open a file, copy and paste, and do other basic file/folder actions.

Otixo è indirizzato verso la cooperazione di un team di lavoro, che già con l’account free permette di collegarsi ai server FTP ma con la limitazione di poter inviare fino a un massimo di 5 file per volta.
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Ofrece gran compatibilidad y no tiene coste alguno. Además, tiene un detalle de lo más interesante: dispone de un cliente para dispositivos móviles compatible con iOS y Android, por lo que es posible trabajar y establecer copias desde el teléfono y tablet. Una buena opción que no debes dejar de probar.

Otixo позволяет передавать файлы между разными облачными хранилищами в едином интерфейсе. Недавно они добавили интеграцию с Evernote. Чтобы добавить файл в Evernote из Dropbox нужно его просто скопировать из папки Dropbox и вставить в заметку Evernote. Файлы можно копировать, перемещать, скачивать и многое другое.